Annotate Bibliography: Research Proposal

Social media has become a universal way for friends, acquaintances, or even strangers to delve into a sliver of a user’s personal life and participate almost as if they were in the experience themselves.  In this manner, social media is also influential on the these observers, who view amongst the funny pictures and family albums, can also potentially see more explicit activities such as underage drinking and the use of illegal drugs and substances by other users.  Social media has become an outlet for describing daily activities entailing those which are not considered to be very wholesome and probably repulsive or illegal by society.  The constant influence these activities have are only accentuated by Facebook and MySpace, where users are able to see wild parties, people using illegal substances, and/or people performing lewd acts.  This internet culture is contagious to outside or inside viewers and this behavior is more than admired, but actually imitated.  I propose that the correlation between social media and drug use should be explored more by monitoring young adults or students (ages less than 21 years old) who use social media frequently and those who stop/restrict themselves from using social media.  I believe the study will show that those who have stopped using social media so often will experience less illegal drug/substance use as the constant digital peer pressures and temptations from social media are eliminated.


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